Equipment display


Equipment display

Our Advantages

  • Sucker rod and its coupling products famous brand products
  • Standardization qualified units
  • Rated as a secondary unit of measurement
  • Company has been producing rod and pump for nearly 36 years.

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About Us

brief introduction
Tieling Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of CNPC is the professional manufacturer of sucker rod and subsurface sucker rod pumps, and also China National Petroleum Corporation joint-stock enterprise & China National Petroleum Corporation oil supplies equipment manufacturing enterprise. Company predecessor is the Northeast oil administration bureau Tieling machinery factory, founded in 1972, an grade-A enterprise in middle class,we are one of the first manufacturers who are engaged in “sucker rod, subsurf...
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News and information


  • 28 2017-12

  • 28 2017-12

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Mobile:86-18641448223 Telephone:86-024-76216378

Email:[email protected]
Address:Old Guantai Branch Economic Development Zone, Tieling City, Liaoning Province, China
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